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   ٹریفک اہلکار نیاز علی نے ایمانداری پر ڈی آئی جی ٹریفک کی جانب سے نقد انعام        بلال کالونی پولیس کی بڑی کاروائی ، اسٹریٹ کریمنلز گروہ کے 6 کارندے گرفتار    

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency 29 Sep 22 Celebration of World Maritime Day

World Maritime Day is celebrated every year in September, and this year it is being celebrated on 29th September. The theme of this year is “New Technologies for Greener Shipping”. The day is in an effort to highlight the key role of seafarers and generate awareness about their vital role in world trade and economy. …

Colorful Ceremony of Pakistan US Alumni Network Reunion

Pakistan US Alumni Network Karachi Chapter organized Alumni Reunion 2022 at Hotel Marriott Karachi. The theme was Cultural Differences and Interfaith Harmony. The ceremony started with Pakistan’s National Anthem. President Mr. Sohail Khan of Pakistan US Alumni Network Karachi Chapter welcomed the participants and his team Ms. Warda Butt, Vice President of Pakistan US Alumni …

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