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Crackdown on drug peddling gutka mainpuri in Karachi

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IG Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon has set up a provincial level task force against the use and sale of drug peddling gutka mainpuri in Sindh province.

According to the details, IG Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon has taken strict notice on the use and sale of drug peddling Gutka and Main Puri in Sindh province.

In this regard, AIG Operations Dr. Farrukh Raza has issued an order, according to which a task force has been established at the provincial level on the orders of IG Sindh.

In the task force, Additional IGs, Investigations and Special Branch officers will head various committees and a range-wise committee will also be set up.

The Special Task Force will be able to conduct operations anywhere in Sindh and will have the option to seek assistance from any unit including SSU, RRF for operations.

The decree also states that any unit of the Sindh Police will be obliged to provide logistics and manpower to the task force without wasting time, police officers of good repute will be appointed in the team.

The committees formed will include SP Special Branch, the Provincial Task Force will have TORs and mandate, the task force will crack down on criminal gangs, drug dealers, Gutka Mawa main puri makers and suppliers.

One officer of the committee would be intelligence, another would plan the operation, and the third would plan the raid.

According to the order, the task force can act on its own information or special branch reports, in case of successful action, the task force will monitor the investigation of the case till submission of final challan.

The Task Force and DIGCIA Karachi will submit a progress report, brief the competent authority about the action taken on a fortnightly basis.
In case of a successful raid by the task force, there will be massive action and not only legal but also departmental action will be taken against the SHO to the district SSP.

DIGCIA will form a special team in Karachi which will meet Gutka maw and drug addict patients in the hospital and take their statements and take legal action.

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