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Flight from Karachi to Madinah was suddenly delayed

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The departure of Pakistan’s private airline Serene from Karachi to Madinah was suddenly delayed, the passengers offloaded from the plane were in a state of uncertainty.

According to the passengers, the flight ER 911 was supposed to depart from Karachi at 8:30 pm for Madinah on Thursday, but the passengers were offloaded on the plane, 290 passengers were seated in the lounge of the Karachi airport.

Passengers say that the passengers were asked to leave on Friday morning due to a technical problem in the plane. The passengers offered the Taraweeh prayer at the Jinnah terminal.

Meals were arranged by the airline, the passengers also protested to the airline management for the delay in departure.

According to the passengers, legally they should also be given accommodation, but the management did not do so and they were accommodated in the lounge.

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