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Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi

Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi His name was Syed Abdullah. He came from the family of Abu Mohammad (kuniyat) and he was called Al-Ashtar. He was the son of Syed Mohammad Nafs Zakiya and the grandson of Hazrat Hasan Sani.

Hazrat Syed Noor Ali Shah

His shrine is located in Tin Hatti and is visited by rich and poor alike. According to the inscription on the shrine, Hazrat Syed Noor Ali Shah came to Sindh from the city of Mashk.

Hazrat Yusuf Shah Ghazi

The mausoleum of Hazrat Yusuf Shah Ghazi is in Manora. We do not know when and how he came to Karachi and when he was born. But we know that he was a saintly and learned person.

Hazrat Pir Hasan Shah Ghazi

Hazrat Pir Hasan Shah Ghazi His shrine is among the oldest shrines of Karachi. According to legend, he is a younger brother of the great saint Abdullah Shah Ghazi. His shrine is located inside Jodia Bazar near the utensil market. His urs is celebrated each year on 26 and 27 Rajab13.

Hazrat Haji Sakhi Sultan Manghopir

Hazrat Haji Sakhi Sultan Manghopir Hazrat Haji Sakhi Sultan Manghopir’s given name was Hafiz Haji Hassan. He was a descendant of Hazrat Ali. From his mother’s side, he came from the house of Hazrat Imam Hasan and from his father’s side his pedigree can be traced to Hazrat Imam Husain

Hazrat Qutb Alam Syed Alam Shah Bukhari

Hazrat Qutb Alam Syed He was known as Qutb Alam, but his real name was Syed Alam Shah Bukhari. He is amongst the earliest saints of Sindh. His mausoleum has been a center of spiritual learning and instruction since long.

Hazrat Mewa Shah

Hazrat Mewa Shah was born in Kanar, Afghanistan in 1135 AH (AD 1715). His father’s name was Hazrat Syed Abbas. He is known as Mewa Shah because his devotees used to bring him offerings of fruit, which he would not partake of himself, but distribute among his disciples.

Hazrat Sain Abdul Ghani

A true believer, scholar, poet, and Sufi, Hazrat Sain Abdul Ghani was very popular in pre–Partition Karachi, and he is even today revered by the people of Karachi. Sain was a nickname that he used. He came from the house of Abul Hamid and Abul Rashid. He was born in Karachi in AD 1846.

Hazrat Baba Syed Ismail Shah Ghazi

He was a well-respected elder of Sindh. He was a representative of Hazrat Mewa Shah and one of his close disciples. He was born into a Syed family in the year AD 1819 in Karachi’s old neighborhood of Kharadar, Karachi.

Hazrat Pir Syed Haji Ghaib Shah

He was a great saint. Miracles have been ascribed to him long after his death. His urs is held each year from 5-8 Rajab18.

Hazrat Baba Imam Shah

His shrine is located in the Masjid-e-Khizra in Bhimpura. Several miracles are ascribed to him. Like Syed Ahmed Shah Mashadi he too hails from the Silsila-eQadria Banwa. He passed away on 17 Zilhaj 1120 AH.

Hazrat Pir Bachal Shah Al-Maroof Mastan Shah

His shrine is located at Gari Khata on Bunder Road, near the Light House bus stop on Hormusji Street. He is supposed to have performed several miracles. According to the inscription on his tomb, he passed away on 1291 AH. His urs are celebrated each year from 26-28 Zilha20j

Hazrat Meeran Pir
Her name was Junaidi Bibi, but people know her by the name of Meeran maan or Meeran Pir. The book Tazkara-e-Auliya Sindh says that she was a holy woman who came to Karachi from her native city of Larkana with the intention of going on pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina.

Hazrat Syed Haji Pir
Even today this saint performs miracles for those who seek his help. He comes to the aid of those in despair and trouble. His shrine is in the Pirwali lane in Bhimpura. His is are held on 11 Rabi-ul-Awal with great enthusiasm.

Hazrat Zinda Shah
He is also known as Zahir Shah. His burial place was unmarked and lost, but he appeared in a dream to a kindly soul and showed him the spot where he was buried. The saint instructed this person to clear the place and thus his burial place was revealed on 6 Zilhaj 1362. His shrine is in the Masoom Shah Bukhari Mosque in Kharadar Karachi.